Candid documentary fine art photography


Lee has been photographing most of his life, starting with near-obsolete cameras he discovered as a child at home and at yard sales. He learned darkroom techniques in his high school's photography club, resulting in his first published image, a girls' softball action shot, in his hometown newspaper. His photography was on hiatus during and after college, but, inspired by a trip to Japan, he began to approach photography more seriously. He joined a local darkroom collective, and when that closed, he joined the Washington Street Art Center as a photography member. He is now the director of the organization.


Lee's work might be best described as candid documentary fine art photography. His photographs usually involve people in everyday but intimate situations; the subjects seem to be in their own private world, conscious of neither the camera nor themselves. His work is a combination of film and digital photography. Along with conventional formats, he also uses panoramic photography, which allows an intimate view of a subject while at the same time presenting a wide view of the environment.

His shows have ranged from "Backyard BBQs and Other Social Gatherings," showing people being alone together, to "Meet Me In The Dark", documenting a variety of nighttime activities, to "Splendid Isolation: Late Summer in Northern Maine," which depicted the agricultural area where he grew up. In 2011, "Kodachrome: Prints from Slides" included a large number of photographs Lee took on Kodachrome film, both in the past and in 2010, as the deadline for the film's discontinuation approached. Besides showing at Washington Street, he has exhibited at Willoughby & Baltic in Somerville, participated in group shows at galleries in the Boston Metro area, and spoken on a panel about the photography of everyday life at the Mary Baker Eddy Library. He was the ARTSomerville artist of the month in January 2006.